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Band Heater

We are an experienced manufacturer and supplier of a diverse range of Band Heaters such as, -Mica Band Heaters, Ceramic Band Heaters, Nozzle Heaters, and Strip Heaters.
Our range of product is available in variety of sizes and designs as per the specification of our clients.

  Mica band heater
    Mica band heaters are efficient and economical solution to the heating requirements in the industries. Top grade nickel crome ribbon and dielectrical mica or micanite sheet used for it which increase the temperature capacity upto 250°C.We maintain holes, side -cuts, dimensions as per customer’s requirement.

• Plastic industry
• Injection moulding
• Dies and moulds
• Cylinders (Barrel) on all types of plastic processing machines

• Maintenance free
• Top grade nickel crome resistance wire
• High efficiency and durability
• Maximum temperature 250°C
• Maximum 25 watt per square inch

  Ceramic Band Heaters
    Ceramic band heaters are made up of helical coils made of high quality of nickel chrome resistance wires. These coils are inserted in special designed ceramic steatite insulators with evenly stretched and flexible fitting mat form. The heater fabricated with heavy gauge S.S. body and spot welded clamp bars to provide a uniform clamping farma. This rugged construction results in long life heaters.

• Extruder and blow moulding
• Dies and moulds
• Cylinders (Barrel) plastic injection moulding
• Drum heating

• Longer life
• Nickel chrome resistance wire
• High efficiency and durability
• Maximum temperature 300°C
• Maximum 45 watt per square inch

  Nozzle Heaters


  We are manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive range of Sealed Nozzle Heaters that is widely used for various applications such as heating the nozzle of plastics processing, extrusion machine, rubber vulcanizing machine and injection molding machine. Also, these are used for general heating applications in several other industries. Our range of product is well acknowledged among the clients for its innovative designs, long service life and cost effectiveness.

• Heating the nozzle of injection moulding machine
• Plastic processing
• Rubber valcanizing machine
• Extrusion machine

• High efficiency
• Minimum maintenance cost
• Energy effcient

  Strip Heaters
  Strip heaters made from mica and ceramic insulators, sheathed in mild and stainless steel providing terminals at one end or both ends. These heaters are most efficient and economical.

• Oven, dies and moulds
• Hot plates
• Sealing equipments
• Food processing
• Rubber moulding
• Other surface heating

• High quality insulation for effective and uniform heat transfer
• Maximum 30 watts per square inch
• Wire lead or bolt type terminals
• Design as per customer requirement

  Hot runner coil heater
    Hot runner coil heaters are made of helically nickel chrome resistance wire which evenly stretched through high quality mgo tube and compacted with mgo powder by swaging assembly in chrome nickel tube. Hot runner coil heaters inbuilt thermocouple are also available. These heaters are high performance nozzle heaters and fully annealed.

• Hot runner
• Nozzle heating
• Injection moulding
• Heat sealing
• Sprue bushing
• Automotive, medical industry

• Sheath temperature upto 750°C
• Resistance to mechanical shocks
• High construction results
• Watt density: 90 watt per square inch

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